Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Free Printable Lettering Practice Sheets for Beginners: my top 5 web resources

Lately, I've been on a lettering kick. I don't have the best natural handwriting (I admit) and even though I know how to letter "interior design style" with all CAPS and no flourishes ... I sometimes find it so incredibly boring to address every card or envelope with super blocky letters.

I'm secretly in love with beautiful handmade brush calligraphy and I would love to create some quotes worthy enough to hang on my wall. So today, I've compiled a list of all my favorite resources in one post so that we can all learn together (and have a little fun while we're at it!):

#1: By Dawn Nicole - Dawn's site is chock-full of freebies & printables. She even has an ebook with 72 pages of lettering PDFs in Etsy!

#2: One Artsy Mama - Amy Latta with One Artsy Mama has given us everything we need to know to get started letting from scratch. Her practice sheets are easy to understand and oddly comforting! I always want to grab a cup of coffee when I practice with Amy!

#3: Kiley in Kentucky - Kiley is a country gal who is A-mazing when it comes to explaining exactly what to do. I hope you enjoy practicing along with her tutorials as much as I love reading them!

#4: The Postman's Knock - TPK with Lindsey Bugbee has a mind blowing amount of information, links, printables, e-courses and nearly everything you need to know to start your lettering journey.

Free Brush Pen Calligraphy Worksheet | The Postman's Knock
FREE Practice Sheets from TPK!

#5: Printable Crush - Last, but not least, this site is a great resource to teach adults or children lettering skills & cursive.

. . . . .

Did I miss anyone? Please share your top picks in the comments below! Happy Lettering!

xoxo jamillah

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