Sunday, November 20, 2016

An Interview with Avanti Morocha: the Paper Flower Princess

Oh, Pinterest, that great, big, colorful bulletin board in the sky! Recently, I've been doing a lot of pinning for my niece's upcoming wedding spectacular and I started to fall in love with GIANT PAPER FLOWERS (visit my board to see more!) Paper flowers are popping up everywhere from weddings to baby showers and since they're made of paper, they fit just about any budget. Plus, they're BIG, bodacious, and extremely versatile, making them the perfect choice for photography backdrops, props, centerpieces, bouquets or wall d├ęcor. For the allergy folks - which I have a lot of in my family - paper is a sneeze-free alternative to the real thing. Plus, you can recycle them when your event is done with no trouble at all. Hurray for eco-friendly design!

One of the most outstanding paper flowers designers who is making a huge splash on Pinterest is Avanti Morocha, the owner and founder of AvantiMorochaDIYs. She is a wizard when it comes to creating easy-to-follow DIY patterns for passionate crafters. I couldn't resist reaching out to Avanti to learn more about how she got started making larger-than-life flowers and what her experience has been like selling on Etsy.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Student Work: Laser-Cut Votive Candle Holders

On October 29, 2016 students who attended my Votive Candle Holder Workshop at Catylator Makerspace did an amazing job creating beautiful, one of a kind, and very pretty, laser-cut votive candle holders! We began with a pattern from, which was then digitally manipulated in Corel Draw X7 to be a 5-sided, finger-jointed open box with no lid. From there, each student added their choice of autumn themed designs ~ trees, leaves, pumpkins, haunted houses, spooky spider webs or quotes. Using 1/8 inch Baltic birch plywood, we sent our designs to the VLS4.60 Universal Laser Cutter & Etcher and watched in a amazement as they came to life!

We used watercolor paint for a quick dose of color, then sealed our candle holders with aerosol polyurethane. I love the pink ombre effect and the honey colored wood! I can't wait to do this project again in the springtime! Enjoy your candles everyone :)

xoxo jamillah

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