Tuesday, October 18, 2016

10 Gorgeous Geode Wedding Cakes That Will Rock Your World

One of the most exciting wedding trends gaining traction this year is...yes, you guessed it...GEODES! If you've been following the blog, you now I'm crazy about crystals, stones and all things lapidary...but eating them? Count me in! I'm dancing in my chair right now because my mind is literally buzzing with ideas for jewelry inspired food. Just look at these delicious druzy wedding cake toppers, marbleized fondant masterpieces, sugary crystal cake pops and OMG gold leaf that melts in your mouth. These cake designers are taking rock candy to a whole new level! They're almost too pretty to eat!

#1 - Artisan Cake Company

#2 - Intricate Icings

#4 - TigreLily Cakes

Elegant, not over the top, but can be! Just one sliced agate for a top, use height, layers, sparkle and dimensions by combining shapes and borders says PJ. It's your Wedding Cake, own it with special designs. Destination Weddings, great caterers, all-inclusive, plan your wedding today 503-630-5570. @purewow #specialeventsbyPJ #allgroupsallowed #allweddingsallowed:
#5 - PureWow.com
#6 - CakesDécor.com

Fun geometric pink and gold design, for this modern wedding cake.:
#7 - Amy & Jordan
Sugar geodes and quartz green and gold tiered wedding cake // Top 10 Wedding Cake Creators in Malaysia - Part 2:
#8 - TheWeddingScoop.com

The geode cake shot to fame last year when this three-tier, edible amethyst masterpiece by bakery-maestros Intricate Icings hit social media.:
#9 - Carrie'sCakes.com

#10 - @FrostyCakery on Instagram

And for the kids...something a little sweeter:
We took an average chocolate cake pop and turned it into a stunning crystal.:
Rock Candy Cake Pops ~ Recipe from TasteMade

xoxo jamillah

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