Monday, September 19, 2016

COLOR CRUSH : Pastel Pink

Pastel pink, tea rose, blush, 13-1406TPX ... call it what you wish, Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year is not your grandmother's "mauve". I have to admit, I was an avid Golden Girls fan long ago when the m-word was as rampant as Mr-T on roller skates, Captain Planet and guys with Richard Simmons afros. Back then, I totally hated it! You couldn't pay me to wear light pink, let alone grapefruit.
Killer pink leather boots from Just Fab

Years went by ... (maybe 20? okay more like 30) and something happened along the way that made me appreciate the softer side of the rainbow. I began to love that pink with a touch of mystery. It became one of my favorites, right alongside turquoise, red, olive green, caramel, coffee foam tan, white, grey and black. Can you tell I'm into neutrals? Pink is a neutral too if you use it right. It's dreamy and delicious when paired with gold accessories. Plus, the color has a phenomenal ability to bring to mind thousands of yummy things like Homer Simpson’s perfect sprinkled doughnut, cotton candy on a warm summer day, cherry blossom trees, Kashmiri chai, bubble gum and newborn baby toes, kitten noses, fluffy strawberry macaroons, Barbie’s first convertible and Grimes' cool hair.

The jacket that is chronically sold out at Anthropologie

Canadian singer Grimes ~ Claire Elise Boucher

I love pink.
In the jewelry world this translates to rose quartz and rose gold, strawberry diamonds and rosewater opal. I'm also very excited to announce that once again Pantone got it right! According to the Zoe Report, Pale Dogwood is one of the top 10 colors for Spring 2017. I guess, some things are too good to change!

Urban Outfitters
Rose quartz rings by Belinda Seville

xoxo jamillah

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