Monday, September 19, 2016

COLOR CRUSH : Pastel Pink

Pastel pink, tea rose, blush, 13-1406TPX ... call it what you wish, Pantone's 2016 Color of the Year is not your grandmother's "mauve". I have to admit, I was an avid Golden Girls fan long ago when the m-word was as rampant as Mr-T on roller skates, Captain Planet and guys with Richard Simmons afros. Back then, I totally hated it! You couldn't pay me to wear light pink, let alone grapefruit.
Killer pink leather boots from Just Fab

Monday, September 5, 2016

Name Necklace Workshop

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Cute. Timeless. Feminine. A personalized name necklace is a seamless addition to any jewelry wardrobe. If you have an exotic name like me, good luck hunting through the racks at Claire's or Charming Charlie's searching for a match! I still cross my fingers sometimes, hoping just once that maybe...maybe, I will find a "Jamillah" among all the Jenny's, Jan's and Jamie's. 

Lovely layering from Zeba at

Those days are SO over! Working with metallic acrylics, in this workshop, participants will follow along with me using step-by-step instructions in Corel Draw X7. Then discover how to modify text and contour letter groupings before sending the proofs to the laser room. Not a computer whiz? Don't worry, I will be there with plenty of tips & coaching to help you make something beautiful!

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