Sunday, May 22, 2016

Student Work: Wire Wrapped Found Object Pendants

Thank to you all the wonderful attendees from Saturday's Wire Wrapped Found Object Workshop at Catylator Makerspace!

Wire wrapping a found object or a keepsake treasure is no easy task. Whether it may be a stone or a seashell, each individual piece has unique characteristics that may make them difficult to transform into wearable, functional pendants. Slippery-smoothness, craggy details or even odd sizes may stop some jewelers in their tracks and leave them asking, "What do I do now?"

In my 3-hour Wire Wrapped Found Object Workshop at Catylator Makerspace, we answered that question and more, transforming a host of citrine stones, antique buttons, vintage earrings, shells and river rocks into AMAZING works of art!

A work in progress: citrine stone with wires in the beginning stages of forming the caged wrap
A student hard at work forming the "wings" of the cage around a vintage earring
In my workshop, we studied three techniques: the Freeform Wrap (for a more organic style), the Macramé Net Wrap (for a nautical look) and the Caged Wire Wrap with a decorative spiral (for showcasing objects front and back with a minimal amount of wire along the sides). The Freeform Wrap is great for plain objects with little or no outstanding details. This way, your wire work can shine and become the focal point of your necklace. The Macramé Net Wrap is more of a stylized fishing net. Since it is woven from twisted metal wire, it is very strong and ideal for heavy objects that need extra security. This wrap style also works well with elongated items, such as whelk shells. The Caged Wire Wrap is perfect for flat-backed cabochons, disk shapes, buttons or round objects. This wrap style is also quite strong and can be modified easily with a beaded bail or spiraling accents since it leaves six wires free to work with once the wrap is complete. In all three wrap styles, the bail is attached. And once the object is safe and sound inside a well made wrap, the bail is really where an artist can flex their creative muscles...and have the most fun!

Caged Wrap on a stone
Freeform Wrap on a shell fragment
Freeform wrap on a vintage button pendant
Modified Caged Wrap over a vintage earring, bail unfinished

Beaded Macramé Net Wrap on a whelk shell (left) and Freeform Wrap on a river rock (right)
Freeform Wrap over a shell (left) and Macramé Net Wrap on citrine (right)

Hats off to the wonderful ladies who attended yesterday! Here's to the future!!

xoxo jamillah

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