Sunday, April 24, 2016

Technical Skills Workshop : 4.23.16

Thank to you all the wonderful women who attended yesterday's Technical Skills Jewelry Workshop at Catylator Makerspace!

As jewelers and craftsmen, when we finally put down our tools and say, "I'm finished," what does the term finished actually mean? Is it ready for sale? Is it ready to be packaged as gift? Is it photographable? Or are you just so fed up with making it that you throw your hands in the air in frustration and shout, "I'm SO done!" Alas, every now and then we all experience technical hiccups -- slippery crimps, too-wide loops, links that pop or knots that just won't stay no matter how many times you tie them. Those incomplete, unnamed jewelry items end up hiding in the shadows of our inventory never to been seen again. We promise ourselves that one day we will pick them up and tend to them properly, but it never happens, and we end up taking them apart.

For this very reason, together with the creative staff at Catylator Makerspace, we designed a workshop to address the most pressing technical issues our students were experiencing. In three jam-packed hours we reviewed:
  • Tools & safety
  • Measuring, planning & layout
  • How to hide messy endings with calottes/ knot covers and crimp covers
  • Findings - what they are and how to choose the appropriate ones for your project
  • Wire wrapping
  • Stringing
  • Making links
  • Uniformity & sturdiness
Questions were answered, problems were solved...and all the lovely, yet sadly neglected, Quasimodo jewelry items the attendees brought to class? They were refashioned, repaired or completed! Finally! (*Applause, whistles, cheering, confetti!!*) I'm so proud of everyone who came! See you next time for Wire-Wrapped Found Objects!

xoxo jamillah

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