Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Floral Crown Fever

BLUM Floral Design. Photo by Brown Butter Photography

One of the hottest wedding accessories for this new year is a DIY floral crown! Think Frida Kahlo, 1960's hippie ~ meets Victorian barnyard belle. Whether they are made from fresh flowers, paper or fabric, it's easy to become obsessed with these beautiful headpieces. I confess staying up late looking at pictures on Pinterest just for fun! Visit TipJunkie and WonderfulDIY for more styles, tutorials, how-to's and inspiration!

xoxo jamillah

Green and white partial floral crown | JBM Photography:

Bridal floral crown  Flower headband Bridal by ByKochetova on Etsy:
Kochetova on Etsy ~ one of my favorite shops!
Flower Lace Headband - Mauve
For a little flowergirl ~ available at Keedzoo.com
Deep pink roses and berry pink lips:

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