Friday, November 15, 2013

DIY : Shabby Chic Pearl Clusters

Ever wondered how to make those adorable Shabby Chic beaded pearl clusters?
I love using them for the center of a handmade fabric flower, like the one pictured below, or on shoe clips, hat clips, headbands.


Here are two helpful videos that require absolutely no sewing to get you started making your own pearl centers. You may want to invest in a small tip attachment for your hot glue gun if you plan on working with ultra tiny beads. Or, if you're like me and those pesky hot glue gun strings get on your nerves, bust out your needle and thread and try sewing your clusters together instead. The results are amazing no matter what! Have fun crafting!

xoxo jamillah

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Project Blue Wrap Earrings

It was such a blast designing two pairs of earrings for this year's DC Fashion Week! INOVA Hospital sponsored the design contest "Project Blue Wrap" ~ where local designers compete for spots in the eco-friendly fashion show using only blue medical paper. (Imagine a really thick blue paper towel!) To complement the two-piece cocktail ensemble by Sarah Gingold, I designed tassel earrings that looked great on the runway!

Can't wait to do this again next year! Check out Sarah's blog at Think Outside the Store for more information and photographs :)

xoxo jamillah

Saturday, August 17, 2013

INOVA Project Blue Wrap

To kick off DC's Fashion Week, INOVA Hospital is sponsoring a design competition called "Project Blue Wrap". Anyone can participate in making clothing, bags or accessories out of the fabric-like material used to wrap medical equipment. Blue wrap feels like smooth paper towels, but can be sewn or glued together to form your design. Click HERE for the rules. Materials are available at Think Outside the Store. Contact Sarah ( to schedule an appointment for pick-up!!

Since I'm all about accessories, I plan on making some kind of jewelry set. Maybe a headpiece with earrings to match? Or a crazy-looking ring? Or even a decked out pair of shoes? ~ ~ Shoes would be awesome & I'm SURE no one is thinking of doing that! As long as my pieces get on the runway, I'll be totally happy.

Here's the catch, designs are due on September 9th. If you turn in your items later than that, they will not be put into the running to appear on stage...and only 15 models will be walking down the runway (yikes!). I hope I get in! Stay tuned for more sketches and project-in-progress pictures =)

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