Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fenton Street Art Market : Downtown Silver Spring

Last Saturday probably had the best, typical fall weather one could ever dream of for roaming the local farmer's market. Despite the disappointing news that Starbucks was sold out of hot apple cider and that we discovered the fresh pumpkin doughnuts after already buying cake pops (bummer!)...I think I stayed at the market for at least 3 hours, weaving in and out of the 70+ stalls, stands and tents. There may only be about two more Saturdays before FSM officially shuts down for the season, so if you were trying to get down to Ellsworth Ave., be sure to check their website:

Tiny seashell paintings

Mary de Marco jewelry

Pottery from Shel's Studio

Since I've been making singed flowers, I was on a mission to find a clean-burning soy or beeswax candle that wouldn't bother my nose like the big chemically purple candle I've been using. Because the edges of the flower petals have to be melted slightly, I wanted something that had very little smoke ~ and also smelled great. I got my rose scented candle from Handmade Habitat, who also sells hand dyed scarves, bags and adorable cat toys.

On my candle of choice :) Rose No. 2

I love the baby sized socks (^.^)

If you miss the market, you can still find a lot of the vendors at the upcoming FSM holiday sales on Nov. 24 and Dec. 22. Or visit them at Think Outside the Store's upcoming Holiday Pop-up Shop on Dec. 15th ~ find me there too with selected items from my Etsy shop!

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