Sunday, October 28, 2012

November Workshops

Making rag flowers is a great way to reuse old clothing items and scraps! In this workshop, you will learn simple methods for up-cycling fabric into beautiful fast and easy flowers. There will be very little to no sewing at all! Use them for pins, clips, brooches or headbands. All materials included. (Bringing your own fabric is optional.) $25 per person. Ages 12 and up.

Up-cycle your old winter neck scarves into cool new stuff! Choose from simple projects such as making hand warmers or a coffee cozy…or experiment with your own designs! Please bring your own neck scarf. $15 per person. Ages 12 and up. 

xoxo jamillah

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fenton Street Art Market : Downtown Silver Spring

Last Saturday probably had the best, typical fall weather one could ever dream of for roaming the local farmer's market. Despite the disappointing news that Starbucks was sold out of hot apple cider and that we discovered the fresh pumpkin doughnuts after already buying cake pops (bummer!)...I think I stayed at the market for at least 3 hours, weaving in and out of the 70+ stalls, stands and tents. There may only be about two more Saturdays before FSM officially shuts down for the season, so if you were trying to get down to Ellsworth Ave., be sure to check their website:

Tiny seashell paintings

Mary de Marco jewelry

Pottery from Shel's Studio

Since I've been making singed flowers, I was on a mission to find a clean-burning soy or beeswax candle that wouldn't bother my nose like the big chemically purple candle I've been using. Because the edges of the flower petals have to be melted slightly, I wanted something that had very little smoke ~ and also smelled great. I got my rose scented candle from Handmade Habitat, who also sells hand dyed scarves, bags and adorable cat toys.

On my candle of choice :) Rose No. 2

I love the baby sized socks (^.^)

If you miss the market, you can still find a lot of the vendors at the upcoming FSM holiday sales on Nov. 24 and Dec. 22. Or visit them at Think Outside the Store's upcoming Holiday Pop-up Shop on Dec. 15th ~ find me there too with selected items from my Etsy shop!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall Flowers

On Sunday October 14th from 1-4pm we will be hosting a special $10 flower making workshop at Think Outside the Store! A team from Docs in Progress will be filming us at work for an upcoming student documentary about the studio. This is a great opportunity to brush up on your flower making techniques or to create something new.

Learn how to make several different types of flowers, which are perfect for headbands, clothing, bags, shoes and other accessories. Choose from a large selection of up-cycled fabrics, buttons and beads. 

Choose from:
  • Roses and Rosettes
  • Puffy Carnation-style 
  • Dahlias and Mums
  • Mixed media
There are 10 spaces available. Ages 12+. Please RSVP.

Friday, October 5, 2012

More Photo Editing Fun : Filters and Light

I needed this an hour ago.
What I love about Etsy is not only the endless selection of handmade things that you can buy, but also the people on there. I was browsing along today, and found this really cute mug cozy at Autumn&Amber ~ which I need because of my current (and forever) coffee addiction!

While I was looking around at the shop's pictures, I realized that not only were they amazing (go see
for yourself)...but I had no idea how they made the digital effects. I needed to know! Thanks to A&A, I finally do!

By no means am I a digital photography expert, but still, it never hurts to give your pictures a little extra pizzazz! There are plenty of apps and photo editing programs available for free in the Google store or Apple store that have nothing to do with Photoshop or the free-alternative, Gimp. Even Windows 10 has some photo editing features that can make your pictures stand out.

  • Color and Light Filters
  • Tilt-shift or Selective Focus
  • Vignettes
  • Highlights and Shadows
Don't be afraid to play with your pictures. It can be kinda fun and relaxing once you really get into it. Just make sure the photo that you begin with is photographed under natural light.

What a difference a great photo can make on your page!

 Before & After

xoxo jamillah

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