Wednesday, September 26, 2012

DIY: Singed Rose Tutorial

I'm always a little timid when it comes to playing with fire ~ especially when I'm sewing or crafting at the same time. And I know that bottlecap jewelry requires a little heat, but singing your fabric intentionally? That's another story! So, today I decided to face my fears and try something new.

At my workstation, I gathered the following:
  • Tea light or votive candles
  • Strips of 100% polyester or lining material from your sewing basket
  • Sewing materials (needle, thread, scissors)
I decided to use my GIANT scented candle because it fills the room with lavender goodness. :)

The great thing about polyester is once you find the grain line, you can just snip it and tear instead of cutting all they way. Tearing also helps you avoid uneven strip sizes. This makes creating your strips really easy! Ok, here's what I did to make the rose:

Clip petal-shaped scalloped edge on the top of your strips, leaving the bottom edge straight.

Using tweezers or pliers, hold the strip about 2" over the flame. Slowly drag it across, making sure to singe between the petal shapes.

Baste the bottom edge. I used the sewing machine to speed this up. You could also do this step by hand as well.

Pull the threads to gather your strip into a fluffy ruffle. Trim the thread ends. Roll up the strip like a spiral and sew the bottom edges together. With your hands, sculpt the rose until you are happy with the final shape. Use X-shaped stitches across the bottom of the rose so that it stays together. (You could also use hot glue for this step if it helps.)

The result is a basic rose! This would be even prettier with a sparkling rhinestone center...and some leaves!  has a really great tutorial that shows relatively the same method for how to do the Singed Rose technique using a different method. Just be sure there is no paper lying around and that the wick on your candle is trimmed. Also, if this is your first time (like it was mine), practice singing the fabric on a small scrap first. Have fun!

xoxo jamillah

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