Saturday, April 21, 2012

Get Ready...

The first EVER jewelry swap at Think Outside the Store is only weeks away! On Sunday, May 20th from 1-4pm, we will be swapping jewelry like crazy! I'm so excited to finally rejuvinate my over-crowded jewelry box. When I look at some of the pieces I have, I think, "If I never wear this, why am I still holding on to it? Why not swap it with someone else...or better yet, cut it up and change it around?"

Not only will this jewelry swap give everyone a great opportunity to switch-up their jewelry collections, but I will be there with tons of easy tips on how you can alter, lengthen, shorten, or transform your finds into something completely new!

Learn how to make a pair of earrings from an old bracelet. Take apart a necklace and make a gorgeous ring. I'll also be available with tips on what to look for in your swap finds. Bring your jewelry, bring your friends and let's get swapping!

See YOU there!

Friday, April 20, 2012

On the Purple Couch

Walking down Bonifant Street, two blocks away from Downtown Silver Spring and a few doors down from Kefa Cafe, you'll find a new store waiting for you. On the Purple Couch, 'A Place to Create', is now open! They sell everything from shoes, to hand-milled soap, stylish "lightly used" clothing and my personal favorite...accessories. The shop brings Bonifant Street up a couple notches. It reminds me of a mix between Mustard Seed and Anthopologie, except when an items sells, you earn a 40% commission. Visit the owner, Bahia Akerele, and trade in your old designer digs for something new!

xoxo jamillah

UPDATE: On the Purple Couch has moved to Kensington!
Visit their new location 10513 Metropolitan Avenue, Kensington MD or call 301-896-0010

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